A creative journey


The Orbaphone® started as a fun project to add something extra to my regular drum circle.

I'd seen people bringing different home made instruments along

and I wanted to do something different.


I originally wanted a Hang drum  but the costs were prohibitive. So I began searching .

After much research and fiddling about in the workshop I settled on the design as it is today.


The resulting sound is a beautiful, harmonious and gentle sound much like crystal singing bowls. They are perfect for meditation, sound journeys, playing with other instruments

and just for fun.


The Orbaphone® is constructed from recycled materials. Most of the jigs and tools used to manufacture them are also made from recycled material, including old washing machine spares and scrapped steel.

It's in keeping with the Ouroboros in our logo which is symbolic of eternal cyclic renewal or the cycle of life, death, and rebirth.

They have been an instant hit from the start with sales in

Cape Town, Johannesburg, Pretoria, East London, Durban, London, Israel, Singapore and Sweden.


They are adored by professional musicians, music therapists, healers and novices alike.


They're fun, easy to play

and did I mention fun?!


A Short background to the Orbaphone

Jam Session

Mellow Mood

How to play with finger tips